7540 Computer Technology and Networks

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REVISED 3/27/06

The Carmel Clay School Board is committed to the effective use of technology to both enhance the quality of student learning and the efficiency of Corporation operations. It also recognizes that safeguards have to be established to ensure that the Corporation’s investment in both hardware and software is achieving the benefits of technology and inhibiting negative side effects.

The Superintendent is directed to establish administrative guidelines not only for proper acquisition of technology but also to provide guidance to staff and students concerning making appropriate and ethical use of the computers and other equipment as well as any networks that may be established. The responsibility for the educational value of Internet access is the joint responsibility of school staff, the students with access to the Internet, and their parents.

Such guidelines shall also ensure that parents are provided the option to request alternative activities not requiring Internet access.

The Superintendent shall establish appropriate procedures to inform both staff and students about disciplinary actions that will be taken if Corporation technology and/or networks are abused in any way or used in an illegal or unethical manner.

This policy and the guidelines and agreements established by the Superintendent are to be made available for review by parents, members of the staff, and members of the community.

The provisions of this policy and associated guidelines and agreements are subordinate to local, State, and Federal law.

Adopted 11/27/95


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