Administrative Guidelines - 8000 Operations

8210 Official School Calendars
8220 School Day Policy
8310a Public Records
8320 Personnel Records
8330 Student Records
8330e Student Records (Student and Parent Lists)
8351 Security Breach of Confidential Databases
8360 Use of School Mail-Delivery System
8420 Emergency Procedures Fire/Tornado Drills Unusual Situations
8420a Severe Weather and Tornadoes
8431 Written Hazard Communication Program
8432a Vehicle Idling
8432b Chemical Management
8432c Pest Control and Use of Pesticides
8432d Animals in Classrooms
8442a Employee Accidents
8452 Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)
8453 Routine Procedures for Sanitation and Hygiene When Handling Body Fluids
8453.01 Control of Blood-Borne Pathogens
8462 Child Abuse or Neglect
8500 Food Services
8531 Free and Reduced-Price Meals
8540 Vending Use, Maintenance, and Commission
8600 Transportation
8600a Student Transportation Guidelines
8605 Bus Safety Procedures
8606 Transportation for Special Education Students
8651 Non-Routine Use of School Buses
8710 Insurance
8800a Religious Activities/Ceremonies
8800b Patriotism