Administrative Guidelines - 4000 Students

3132 Withdrawal from School
4110 Student Handbooks
4111 Admission to the Corporation
4111.01 Homeless Students
4111.02 Educational Opportunity for Military Children
4111a Legal Settlement
4111b Temporary Non-Resident Cash Tuition Students
4111c Legal Guardianship
4112 Kindergarden/First Grade Entrance
4114 Foreign and Foreign-Exchange Students
4120 Assignment within the Corporation
4200 Student Attendance
4200a Regular Attendance
4200b Excused and Unexcused Absences
4217 Possession of Weapons
4230 Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
4320 Immunization
4330 Use of Medications
4340 Accidents (Animal Bites)
4340a Accidents
4340b Health Emergencies
4340d Transportation for Student Emergencies
4350 Student Suicide Prevention
4362 Non-Discrimination & Anti-Harassment Statement and Policy
4410 Student Classification
4460 Graduation Requirements
4463 Admission of Students from Nonaccredited Schools
4500a Student Conduct
4500b Bus Behavior
4511 Dress and Grooming Policy
4513 Care of School Property
4516 Student Anti-Hazing
4531 Student Assistance Programs Policy
4540a Students, Law Enforcement Officials, and the Schools
4610c Student, Teacher, and Administrator Rights and Duties
4630a Prohibition of Corporal Punishment and Alternatives to Corporal Punishment
4710 Suggestions and Complaints
4751a Married Students
4751b Pregnant Students
4771 Search and Seizure
4780 Adult Student Rights
4820 Student Government
4830 Student Fund Raising
4880 Public Performances by Students
4895 Student Employment