Administrative Guidelines - 2000 Professional Staff

2111a Creating a Position
2111b Verification of Employment Eligibility
2112 Board-Staff Communications
2120.04 Employment of Substitutes
2120.05 Employment of Summer School Staff
2120.06a Student Teachers
2120a Selection of Professional Personnel
2120b Appointment of Personnel to Compensated Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activties
2120c Pre-Employment Interview Questions
2122b Complaint Procedures for Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunities/Access
2122c Comparative Analysis of Employment Related Provisions of ADA and Section 504
2130 Assignment
2135 Promotions
2142 Procedure for Cancellation of Teacher Contracts
2170b Employee Assistance Program
2211 Responsibilities and Duties Guideline
2215 Smoke/Tobacco Free Environment
2220a Evaluation
2220b Evaluation of Administrators
2231a Staff Participation in Political Activities
2243 Attendance at Educational Meetings
2270 Lesson Plans
2421 Federal Group Health Continuation (COBRA)
2440 Conference Meetings