Administrative Guidelines - 5000 Program

5210a Curriculum Development
5230 Curriculum Guides Guideline
5240 Controversial Issues in the Classroom
5240b Alternative Learning Activities for Opt-Out Students
5260a Federal Regulations for Section 504
5260b Complaint Procedures for Nondiscrimination and Equal Educational Opportunity/Access
5260c Major Differences between the IDEA and Section 504
5261 Title 1 - Incidental Inclusion
5262 Latch-Key Programs
5270 Religion in the Curriculum
5330 Homework Concepts
5340a Field Trip Guidelines
5340b Corporation Sponsored Trips (Co-curricular and Extra-curricular)
5340c Overnight, Out of State, and Out of the Country Trips (Corporation - Sponsored)
5340d Non-Corporation Sponsored Trips
5370a Independent Study
5370b Tutoring
5411 Guidance and Counseling Guideline
5412 Home-Bound Instruction Services
5414 Reproductive Health and Family Planning Guideline
5421.01 Students as Trainees
5430 Extra-Curricular Clubs and Activities
5440 Summer School Guideline
5460a Surrogate Parents of Disabled Students
5460c Extended School Year for Special Education Students
5510 Textbooks
5520c Resource Speakers
5520d Student Use of Libraries/Media Centers
5521a Selection of Instructional Materials and Equipment
5531 Copyrighted Materials
5605 Evaluation of Program
5623 Testing Program