Policy - 5271 College and University Programs

Last Revised on June 23, 2014

The School Board recognizes the value to students and to the Corporation for students to participate in programs offered by accredited colleges and universities in Indiana.

The Board will allow students who meet the criteria to enroll in approved postsecondary programs while in attendance in the Corporation. Students will be eligible to receive dual credit or be provided dual enrollment programs that meet the educational objectives of the School Corporation and are offered by State educational institutions as defined in I.C. 20-12-0.5-1.

I.C. 20-12-13-6, 20-12-75-14, 20-30-11, 20-30-11.5, 23-13-18-29

511 IAC 6-10-4

REVISED 6/23/14
REVIEWED 03/02/16