Policy - 3500 Teacher Appreciation Grant

Policy 3500   Teacher Appreciation Grant (New)


This is a new policy required by new Indiana Statute. Section 132 of HEA 1001 PL 217-2017 now requires that The school board must annually adopt a policy on the amount of the stipends that will be given to its highly effective and effective teachers. The policy must be adopted and submitted to the Indiana Department of Education for approval along with the school corporation staff evaluation plan by September 15, 2017. If the Department does not approve the school corporation policy, the school corporation will not receive the teacher appreciation grant.


Carmel Clay Schools will distribute its 2017 Teacher Appreciation Grant funds to teachers:


  1. Employed in the classroom or directly providing education in a virtual classroom setting;

  2. Who received a Highly Effective or Effective rating on their most recently completed performance evaluation in Carmel Clay Schools; and

  3. Employed on December 1st of the year the Corporation receives the Teacher Appreciation Grant monies.


Carmel Clay Schools will distribute its Teacher Appreciation Grant monies to all teachers rated Effective and Highly Effective with those rated Highly Effective receiving a stipend at least 25% more than the stipend given to Effective teachers.


Carmel Clay Schools will distribute the stipends within 20 business days of the date the Indiana Department of Education distributes the Teacher Appreciation Grant funds.



I.C. 20-43-10-3.5