Policy - 5460 Least Restrictive Environment

Approved on August 22, 2016


The School Board shall provide for a comprehensive, free and appropriate public education to all eligible educationally disabled students ages three through twenty-one (unless they have completed the twelfth grade and been issued a diploma or certificate of completion).
Students with disabilities located within the attendance area of Carmel Clay Schools, shall be educated and participate in academic, nonacademic, and extracurricular activities with non-disabled students to the maximum extent appropriate. Students with disabilities are not removed from age-appropriate general education classrooms solely because of needed modifications to the general curriculum. The educational placement of students with disabilities shall be determined annually by a case conference committee and shall be based on the student’s individualized education program. The case conference committee shall also take into consideration any potentially harmful effect of a suggested placement on the student or on the quality of the services needed.
A student with a disability shall be educated with the student's chronological peers in the school the student would attend if not disabled unless the individualized education program requires some other arrangement. Placement of students with disabilities in special classes or separate facilities shall occur only when it is documented by the case conference committee that education in general education classes, with the use of supplementary aids and services, cannot be satisfactorily achieved. If necessary, a continuum of alternative educational placements shall be available to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities.
The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines to ensure effective implementation of the special education program.
511 IAC 7-42-10
20 U.S.C. 1401 et. seq.