Policy - 5210 Curriculum Development

Last Revised on July 14, 2014

The School Board recognizes its responsibility for the quality of the educational program of the schools and wishes to promote the continued improvement of the instructional and curricular program of the schools through all appropriate means. To this end, the curriculum shall be developed, evaluated, and adopted on a continuing basis and in accordance with a plan for curriculum growth established by the Superintendent.

For purposes of this policy, curriculum shall be defined as all the planned activities of the schools, including formal classroom instruction and out-of-class activity, both individual and group necessary to accomplish the educational goals of the Corporation.

The Board directs that the curriculum of this Corporation will:

A. provide instruction in courses required by statute and the State Department of Education regulations necessary for performance-based accreditation;

B. be consistent with the Corporation's philosophy and goals and result in their achievement;

C. allow for the development of individual talents and interests as well as recognize that learning styles of students may differ;

D. provide for continuous and cumulative learning through effective articulation at all school and grade levels;

E. utilize a variety of learning resources to accomplish the educational goals;

F. encourage students to utilize guidance and counseling in their academic and career planning.

As educational leader of the Corporation, the Superintendent shall be responsible to the Board for the development and evaluation of curriculum and preparation of courses of study. S/He shall establish administrative guidelines for curriculum which ensure proper development, implementation, and evaluation.

The Superintendent shall make progress reports to the Board periodically.

The Superintendent may conduct such innovative programs as are deemed to be necessary to the continuing growth of the instructional program.

The Board encourages members of the school staff and the student body to pursue innovative programs for school improvement. The superintendent will establish administrative guidelines for designing innovative programs.

The Superintendent shall report to the Board each innovative program.

The Board encourages, where it is feasible and in the best interest of the Corporation, participation in programs of educational research.

The Board directs the Superintendent to pursue actively State, Federal, and other sources of aid in support of research activities in this Corporation.

I.C. 20-18-2-9

511 I.A.C. 6-2-1 et seq.

Reviewed 12/6/13

REVISED 7/14/14