Administrative Guideline - 8452 Automatic External Defibrillators (AED)

An AED shall be used in emergency situations warranting its use by individuals trained in the use of the device.

Monthly routine checks of the AED will be documented on the “AED Readiness Inventory List” and maintained in the building in which the AED is housed.

AED signage will be posted above every AED in the building. The “Use of AED” instructions will be included with the AED to provide user instructions, contact number for the school nurse and information on where other AEDs (if applicable) are located on the premise.  

After an AED is used:

1.       The School Nurse shall be notified of the AED use.

2.       An incident debriefing session will be offered to all initial responders.

3.       A follow up report shall be given to the Carmel Clay Schools Medical Director.

4.       The AED will be checked and put back into readiness state.