Administrative Guideline - 4830 Student Fund Raising

For purposes of this administrative guideline, "student fund raising" shall include the solicitation and collection of money by or from students for any purpose and shall include the collection of money in exchange for tickets, papers, or any other goods or services for approved student activities.

The superintendent shall direct the building principal to develop a procedure for approved fundraisers that ensures:

  • There is a specific time and play in which funds may be collected;
  • The solicitation method does not place undue pressure on students;
  • There is a limit to the kind and amount of advertising for solicitation;
  • Ensures proper distribution or liquidation of monies remaining in a student activity account when the organization is defunct or disbanded;
  • There is proper supervision of students during such activity;
  • There is no disruption of the school program.

These guidelines shall apply to all approved student fund-raising activities and those approved for Corporation-related organizations.