Policy - 1100 Communications, Cooperation, and Support

Last Revised on December 16, 2013

Open communication requires trust, respect, and a fundamental belief in goodwill among Board members and staff. Work to minimize misunderstandings and reduce conflict.

Agree to:

A. support each other constructively and courteously

B. maintain confidentiality

C. allow individuals the freedom to admit mistakes

D. focus discussions on issues, not personalities - free of defensiveness

E. balance honesty with sensitivity toward others

F. uphold the integrity of every individual

G. avoid compromising the Carmel Clay School District as an institution or its staff members with internal or external organizations or groups

H. pursue thorough understanding at all times

I. involve all parties in the decision making process when appropriate and inform all parties affected by a decision

J. commit to getting to know one another and the ideas that are important to individuals