Policy - 5110 Philosophy

Recognizing that the purpose of education is to help the individual to develop his/her potential in order that s/he might achieve and maintain a positive status in a rapidly changing democratic society, we believe the School Corporation must provide a program of activities covering all phases of growth.

We are concerned with helping every individual develop, to the highest degree, his/her intellectual capacities with due regard for physical, moral, and social aspects of individual development in an atmosphere of self-disciplined behavior.

We believe it is the responsibility of the school to maintain the fundamental concepts of American democracy by instruction, example, and practice. We further believe that education is a continuing process, and that the responsibility of educating must be the combined effort of the school, the church, and the home.

All activities--curricular and extra-curricular--should be educational experiences designed to promote constructive growth of the individual.

Finally, we believe administrators, teachers, and parents must motivate and guide each student to think logically, positively, and actively for the enrichment of himself/herself and of the society in which s/he lives.

Reviewed 12/6/13