Policy - 1520 Evaluation of Administrators

Last Revised on March 12, 2013

Policy 2220 provides for annual performance evaluations as required by I.C. 20-28-11.5-4 for each “certificated employee” as defined in I.C. 20-29-2-4.  This definition of “certificated employee” is a person whose contract with the Board requires that the person hold a license or permit from the Division of Professional Standards of the Indiana Department of Education under I.C. 20-28.

Many of the Board’s administrators are covered by the definition of “certificated employee”.  For those administrators, an evaluation plan shall be developed pursuant to Policy 2220.  The evaluation plan for non-certificated administrators may be combined with or separate from the plan for the evaluation of “school employees” as defined in I.C. 20-29-2-13 and may be amended as necessary to accomplish its purpose.

I.C. 20-28-11.5-4, 20-29-2-4, 20-29-2-13

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