Bylaw - 0167.5 Use of School Corporation Electronic Mail by Board Members

Last Revised on March 11, 2013

Each Board member shall have the option to be assigned a School Corporation e-mail account for his/her use in communicating about School Corporation business.  A School Corporation e-mail account shall not be used in a manner which suggests Board or school corporation endorsement of the content of the message and may not be used to communicate concerning a campaign for partisan or School Corporation office.

Board members may use their School Corporation e-mail accounts to communicate with the public about matters of School Corporation business but school corporation email accounts shall not be used to support a campaign for election/re-election to the Board.

A list of students, employees, parents, voters, or persons expressing interest in favor of or in opposition to any action by the Board shall not be passed on to a non-school user or used for commercial or campaign purposes.  As used in this bylaw, “campaign purposes” includes messages in support of or opposition to a school referendum.

If a Board member sends or receives an e-mail message to or from a School Corporation employee, concerning corporation business the Superintendent shall be sent a copy of the message at the time the original message is sent or received.  However if the email pertains to concerns regarding superintendent performance and/or behavior, this requirement does not apply. 

E-mail messages to and from Board members using their School Corporation e-mail account are subject to production in response to an Indiana Access to Public Records Act (“APRA”) request.

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Reviewed 8/16/13