Policy - 5105 Mission of the Corporation

Last Revised on November 8, 2013

Mission Statement: Carmel Clay Schools will leverage human, physical, and fiscal resources so all students realize their potential in an ever-changing world. 

Being student centered, Carmel Clay Schools will provide an appropriate educational program and learning environment which will effectively:

A. meet the academic, emotional and social needs of its students;

B. help its students accomplish educational goals which are significant AND transferable.

Explanation of Key Words and Phrases

The following explanations are provided in order to facilitate a common understanding of the Mission Statement:

·         Appropriate Educational Programs

The program will encompass those classroom and extra-curricular activities specially designed for students whose needs are met through:

A. special education,

B. vocational education,

C. academic education,

D. community education,

E. gifted education.

·         Appropriate Learning Environment

Facilities and grounds which are conducive to acquiring knowledge, attitudes, and skills because students and staff are physically and emotionally safe and focused on accomplishing clearly defined objectives and goals.

·         Meet the Educational Needs

Such needs consist of those learnings that each person must have to function as a responsible, productive member of society and to make it possible for the person to realize personal goals.

·         Students  

Students are those who are enrolled in a regular program offered by the Corporation or through school programs.

·         Goals Which are Significant and Transferable

A significant educational goal is one in which the knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes that are acquired will affect how a person will live his/her life.

A transferable educational goal is one in which the knowledge, skills, and/or attitudes that are acquired can be applied directly to another educational program, to the world of work, and/or to one's personal life.


Reviewed 12/6/13