Administrative Guideline - 8432c Pest Control and Use of Pesticides

Approved on October 11, 2012

A. Purpose - In an attempt to assure proper control of any pesticides that might be used on Corporation premises, these procedures are established.

B. Applicability - “Pesticide” for application of these regulations only is defined as a fungicide used on plants, an insecticide, an herbicide, or a rodenticide. These guidelines do not apply to the use of the following pesticides:

a.       When used in normal cleaning activities: germ killers, disinfectants, sanitizing agents, water purifiers, and swimming pool chemicals;

b.      Personal insect repellents when self-applied;

c.       Gel baits or manufactured enclosed insecticides when used where students and staff members do not have access to the insecticides.

C. The intent of this regulation is to prevent exposure of staff members and students to pesticides

a.       Pesticides will be applied only by certified pesticide applicators or individuals operating under their supervision in school buildings or on school grounds. The certified pesticide applicator shall train non-certified staff members who apply pesticides. The training must include:

                                                               i.      A review of the corporation's pest control policy;

                                                             ii.      A review of the label instructions for the pesticides to be used;

                                                            iii.      Methods to determine when an application of a pesticide is necessary;

                                                           iv.      How to minimize potential pesticide exposure to students, teachers and staff;

                                                             v.      What activities are prohibited; and

                                                           vi.      Written documentation of the training.

b.      When possible, pesticide applications will be done during non-instructional time or during vacation periods.

c.       An emergency application of pesticides is defined as when an application of pesticides is necessary to eliminate an immediate threat to human health and where it is impractical to obtain the services of a certified pesticide applicator provided such emergency application does not involve a restricted use pesticide. Restricted use pesticides may be used only by certified applicators or under their direct supervision.

d.      At the time of registration for each school year the School Board shall provide the staff members of each school and the parents of each child enrolled in each school with a written copy of the Board’s policy on pesticide applications, the name and telephone number of the school contact person for pest control information, and a request form to be placed on a list for advanced notice. This information may be given in the form of a memorandum or as a provision in the student and/or staff handbook. This information shall also be provided to the parents of any child who transfers into a school during the school year. A request for such notice may be made at any time during the school year.

e.      Parents and staff members may register for prior notice of pesticide applications. Each school principal shall maintain a registry of persons requesting such notice. Prior to the application of pesticides within any building or on school grounds, the parents and staff members who have registered for prior notice shall receive notification no later than two school days prior to the application when students or staff members will be present during the pesticide application. School nurses will receive prior notice of all pesticide applications.

f.        The aforementioned notice shall include the:

                                                          vii.      Name or address of the school.

                                                        viii.      Name, license number and telephone number of the certified applicator.

                                                           ix.      Designee for information about the application (if different from applicator).

                                                             x.      Anticipated date and time of the application.

                                                           xi.      Pests being targeted.

                                                          xii.      Description of the application area.

                                                        xiii.      Pesticide(s) to be used including the following:

1.       Brand name

2.       Manufacturer

3.       United States Environmental Protection Agency registration number.

                                                        xiv.      Amount of pesticide used.

                                                         xv.      If advance notice as described in section 5 above is not provided, an explanation of why it was not provided.

g.       A pesticide notice is not required for a pesticide application:

                                                        xvi.      Made more than 48 hours before a scheduled school day; or

                                                      xvii.      Described in subsection 8.a. of these guidelines.

h.      Except as provided in section B, a pesticide must not be applied at a school during normal instructional hours when school is in session.

                                                     xviii.      A pesticide may be applied at a school during periods specified in subsection 8 if applied to:

1.       Control an observed pest that poses an immediate health threat situation to the students present; or

2.       An area outside of and not immediately adjacent to student-occupied buildings.

i.         The School Corporation must not allow a pesticide treatment area to be entered by students until the longer of the following time periods has elapsed:

                                                        xix.      Minimum reentry time specified on the pesticide label.

                                                         xx.      Four (4) hours.

j.        A copy of the records of each pesticide application at a school shall be maintained for at least two (2) years. The records will contain the following information:

                                                        xxi.      The name or address of the school.

                                                      xxii.      The licensed commercial applicator responsible for the application including the following:

1.       Name

2.       License number

3.       The actual applicator if different than the individual named

                                                     xxiii.      The date and time of the application.

                                                    xxiv.      The principal target pest.

                                                      xxv.      A description of the application area.

                                                    xxvi.      The pesticide or pesticides applied including the following:

1.       The name of the manufacturer.

2.       The United States Environmental Protection Agency registration number.

3.       The brand name.

4.       The amount used, expressed as either:

a.       Concentrate, giving the total quantity of formulation applied, in pounds, gallons, etc.; or

b.      Diluted mixture (ready to use), giving the total amount applied and active ingredient concentration (percentage).

k.       Written, printed, or electronic information that includes all of the items in subsection (c) and used to create the records must be maintained from the date of application until the collective written record required is generated.

l.         The records to be maintained under this section must be:

                                                   xxvii.      Recorded by the thirtieth day from the date of application; and

                                                 xxviii.      Kept and maintained for a period of two (2) years from the date of application.

m.    All required records and information must, upon written or oral request, be made available by the school corporation for inspection and copying.

n.      Whenever practical, non-chemical controls shall be used. The least toxic formulations and safest methods of application will be selected when there is a choice of pesticide products with comparable effectiveness.

o.      Storage of pesticides will be kept to a minimum. All pesticide label storage instructions will be followed explicitly. All such products and the application equipment will be stored in an area separated by a solid wall from areas where:

                                                    xxix.      Food is stored;

                                                      xxx.      Food is served; or

                                                    xxxi.      Students have access.

p.      All pesticide products will have complete label instructions, will remain in the original container and Material Safety Data Sheet will be on file and readily available to any employee who must handle such materials or who may have been exposed to the product. This information shall also be available to any member of the public upon request.

q.      All applications of pesticides will be made in strict compliance with label instructions.

r.        School corporation employees responsible for handling and applying pesticides shall have specific pesticide training.

s.       The Superintendent or his or her designee shall be the contact person for providing information regarding pesticide application activities at the school site, including but not limited to giving oral and written notification, supervising the sending of notifications as required by school policy and regulations and maintaining records of pesticide applications.