Bylaw - 0171.4 Treasurer

Last Revised on July 9, 2012

The Board shall appoint a person, other than the Superintendent or a member of the Board, to serve as Treasurer of the Corporation.

The Treasurer shall be the official custodian of all funds of the Corporation and shall be responsible for the proper safeguarding and accounting for all such funds.

In addition, the Treasurer shall issue a receipt for all funds coming into his/her hands as well as deposit money and issue all warrants in accordance with law.

The Treasurer may also transact Corporation financial business with a financial institution through the use of electronic funds transfer.

The Treasurer may, with the approval of the Board, delegate the regular duties associated with his/her responsibility to a deputy, providing that person is not the Superintendent or a member of the Board.  He shall be responsible for the duties of the Treasurer in his/her absence. S/He shall be appointed for a one (1) year term, beginning January 1st and ending the following December 31st.