Bylaw - 0171.1 President

Last Revised on December 16, 2013

The Board president assumes a more involved and active role in conducting the business of the School Corporation. Several areas of identifiable responsibility include:

A. Preside at all meetings.

B. Call all special meetings.

C. Plan meeting agendas with the Superintendent. Individual Board members may include items on the agenda upon the concurrence of the Board President.

D. Start meetings promptly and keep them moving.

E. Conduct meetings in a fair and impartial manner in accordance with procedures adopted by the Board.

F. Allow all Board members ample opportunity to be heard.

G. Act as liaison between the Board and the Superintendent. This does not limit other board members from meeting with the Superintendent should the need arise.

H. Act as spokesperson for the Board to the public, staff, and press, unless a designee has been appointed by the President.

I. Sign legal documents as required.

J. Sign official Board minutes.

K. Ensure orientation is provided for new board members.

L. Ensure development of District Goals.

M. Ensure the evaluation process of the Superintendent is conducted.

N. Ensure committee appointments as needed.

Oversee the implementation of the bylaws and communication expectations. If a Board member is reported to have knowingly or inadvertently violated such, the Board president will take the initiative to discuss it with said person. If the Board president is reported to have knowingly or inadvertently violated such, the Board vice-president will assume this responsibility.  The purpose of the discussion will be to determine the reason for the reported deviation. The president or vice-president will report the results of the discussion to the rest of the Board for their information.

S/He shall have the right, as other Board members, to offer resolutions, to discuss questions, and to vote thereon.