Bylaw - 0165.5 Series of Meetings (Gatherings)

Members of the Board may not participate in a series of meetings (gatherings) if the series consists of at least two (2) gatherings and the series of gatherings meets all of the following criteria:

A.      one (1) of the gatherings is attended by at least two (2) Board members but less than a quorum and the other gathering includes at least two (2) Board members

B.      the sum of the number of different members attending any of the gatherings at least equals a quorum of the Board

C.      all gatherings concern the same subject matter and are held within a period of not more than seven (7) consecutive days

D.      the gatherings are held to take official action on public business

A Board member attends a gathering if the member is present at the gathering in person or if the member participates in the gathering by telephone or other electronic means, excluding electronic mail.

I.C. 5-14-1.5-3.1

Adopted 10/27/08

Reviewed 8/16/13