Bylaw - 0151 Organizational Meeting

Last Revised on September 23, 2013

The School Board shall organize annually on or before January 15th at a meeting held in accordance with law. The meeting shall be called to order by the ranking officer of the preceding Board who shall serve as presiding officer until the election of a President.

The Board shall, at the organizational meeting:

A.    The governing body of each school corporation shall organize by electing:
(1) a president;
(2) a vice president; and
(3) a secretary;

B.     Designate a day, place, and time for regular meetings which shall be held at least once every month;

C.     Appoint individual Board members as representatives to various organizations;

D.    Appoint a legal counsel;

E.     Appoint a Board member as legislative liaison to the Indiana School Boards Association.

F.      Appoint Treasurer, Deputy Treasurer

G.    Appoint Executive Secretary

IC 20-26-4-1

Last Revised on July 9, 2012