Bylaw - 0143.1 Public Expressions of Board Members

From time to time individual Board members make public statements on school matters:

A.      to local media;

B.      to local officials and/or State officials.

Sometimes the statements imply, or the readers (listeners) infer, that the opinions expressed or statements made are the official positions of the Board. The misunderstandings that can result from these incidents can embarrass both the member and the Board. Therefore, Board members should adhere to the guidelines contained herein when writing or speaking on school matters to the media, legislators, and other officials:

    "The Carmel Clay School Board, as a matter of policy, disclaims responsibility for any individual public statements by its members. The views expressed herein are those of the member and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Board or of the author's colleagues on the Board."

A.      This bylaw shall apply to all statements and/or writings by individual Board members not explicitly sanctioned by a majority of its members, except as follows:

          1. correspondence, such as legislative proposals, when the Board member has received official guidance from the Board on the matters discussed in the letter

          2. routine, not for publication, correspondence of the Superintendent and other Board employees

          3. routine "thank you" letters of the President of the Board

          4. statements by Board members on nonschool matters (providing the statements do not identify the author as a member of the Board)

          5. personal statements not intended for publication

B.      Copies of this bylaw shall be sent to local media by the Board President when adopted.

Reviewed 6/3/13