Bylaw - 0142.5 Orientation

Last Revised on July 22, 2013

The Board believes that the preparation of each Board member for the performance of Board duties is essential to the effective functioning of the Board. The Board expects each new Board member to understand the functions of the Board, acquire knowledge of matters related to the operation of the Corporation, and learn Board procedures. Accordingly, the Board shall give to each new Board member, no later than his/her first regular meeting as a Board member for his/her use and possession during the term on the Board the following items:

A. a copy of each current negotiated agreement

B. the current budget statement, audit report, and related fiscal materials

The Board will provide and maintain a library of publications and reference materials for the use of Board members. The Board and its administrative staff shall assist each new member-elect to understand the Board's functions, policies, and procedures before s/he takes office. The following methods are to be employed:

A. The new member shall be invited to attend Board meetings before his/her term begins.

B. The Superintendent shall supply material pertinent to meetings and explain their use.

C. The new member shall be invited to meet with the Superintendent and other administrative personnel to discuss the services they perform for the Board.

D. The Code of Ethics for School Board members shall be read to the new member at the time of his/her official installation.

New Board members are expected to attend Board member orientation meeting(s) and attend training meetings. 

Revised 8/22/11