Policy - 1006 Development of Administrative Guidelines

Last Revised on November 8, 2013

The School Board delegates to the Superintendent the function of designing and implementing the guidelines, required actions, and detailed arrangements under which the Corporation will operate. These administrative guidelines shall be consistent with the policies adopted by the Board.

The Board itself will formulate and adopt administrative guidelines and rules only when required by law and when the Superintendent recommends Board adoption.

The Superintendent may also issue such administrative and student handbooks as s/he may consider necessary for the effective administration of the schools and distribute them to employees and students and/or their parents.

As long as the provisions of these administrative guidelines and handbooks are consistent with Board policies, or with Federal/State law, they will be considered to be an extension of board policy and binding upon all employees and students.

A copy of the Corporation's administrative guidelines are available online on the Carmel Clay Schools website.