Policy - 1005 Responsibilities of the Superintendent

The Superintendent shall coordinate and supervise all of the administrative services. S/He shall have general oversight of the school system, and be responsible for the efficient operation of the total educational program. S/He shall exercise those duties which are designated by the administrative guidelines of the School Corporation, as well as those mandated by statutes. The Superintendent shall be delegated the authority to take necessary action in circumstances not provided for in Board policy, provided that such action shall be reported to the Board.  Included among his/her responsibilities shall be the following:

A. S/He shall attend all meetings of the Board and such other Board committee meetings as is necessary, except when his/her own salary or position is under consideration.

B. S/He shall recommend policy to the Board, after consideration of the interest of students, teachers, other school employees, and the community.

C. S/He shall report, interpret and implement Board policies and actions to the staff, Federal, State and local agencies of government and to the school patrons.

D. S/He shall prepare and annually submit to the Board a budget of anticipated income and expenditures and shall be responsible for the expenditures and accounting of all funds.

E. S/He shall prepare and submit to the Board for approval, bylaws, administrative guidelines, statements of policy, programs and additional facilities requiring action by the Board, which s/he believes are needed for the proper conduct and control of the functions of the Board and management of the schools.

F. S/He shall faithfully observe all administrative guidelines and shall carry out policies duly adopted by the Board and School Corporation and shall make all reports required by the Laws of the State of Indiana.

G. S/He shall be responsible for keeping and presenting to the Board, in a form that will facilitate and make efficient their deliberations and proceedings, records of problems, conditions and duties requiring Board action.

H. S/He shall be responsible for preparation of the agenda for all regular and special Board meetings.

I. S/He shall periodically transmit written or verbal reports on the general condition of the schools. S/He shall keep the Board informed of varied departments' progress and the results of administration of policies.

J. S/He shall submit a comprehensive annual report, including problems which the Board must solve, change of practices of importance to the Board, and statistics relative to students, test scores, etc.

K. S/He shall interview and study the references and recommend to the Board the appointment of all personnel which may be necessary for successful operation of the District.

L. S/He shall be responsible for the assignment, change in assignment, transfer, promotion, or dismissal of all employees, excepting himself/herself.

M. S/He shall delegate responsibility and authority through appropriate channels to District employees.

N. S/He shall evaluate the several operations and areas of educational programming of the District within the framework of policies and procedures adopted.

O. S/He shall act as liaison officer between the Board and the staff in preparation of salary schedules.

P. S/He shall initiate a continuous evaluation program and research efforts.

Q. S/He shall provide creative leadership and scholarly direction in the development and maintenance of a curriculum designed to meet the needs of the children who are the most important group s/he is assigned to represent.

R. S/He shall recommend to the Board, for its approval, new courses of study or the elimination from the system of any included in the curriculum.

S. S/He shall be responsible for the adoption of textbooks.

T. S/He shall arrange for in-service programs.

U. S/He shall recommend to the Board for approval the establishment and change of boundaries of school sub-districts and the necessary administrative guidelines of attendance in connection therewith.

V. S/He shall establish and conduct a continuous and comprehensive program of internal and external information and communications for the purpose of gaining widespread understanding of education and support for the enterprises.

W. S/He shall conduct a comprehensive community relations program keeping parents, patrons, and taxpayers informed of the school program.

X. S/He shall be responsible for administering the State-required work permits for all township citizens requiring same.

Y. S/He shall exercise diligence in looking after preservation of all school property.

Z. S/He shall use his/her leadership position to present the cause of public education honestly and forthrightly and to further community activities compatible with those of the schools.

Reviewed 6/3/13