Policy - 1001 Corporation Organization

The School Board recognizes that the grouping of grades and services within the facilities of the Corporation can assist the efficient operation of the Corporation and help achieve a more effective instructional program.

The Superintendent shall continually monitor the effectiveness of the Corporation organizational plan and recommend to the Board such modifications in the plan which are in the best interests of the students, make wisest use of Corporation resources, and serve the educational goals of the Board.

Modifications in the organizational plan of the schools may be approved by the Board upon the recommendation of the Superintendent.

The Superintendent shall be the chief executive officer of the School Corporation. The Superintendent shall define and recommend those administrative positions required to implement the educational system and program of learning established by the Board. In each case, the Board will approve the broad purpose and function of the position in harmony with State law and administrative guidelines.

Responsibility shall flow clearly from the Superintendent through the administrative staff to the operational personnel.

It shall be the responsibility of the Superintendent to determine the need for and define operational requirements sufficient to ensure the smooth functioning of the Corporation. Maintenance of an efficient, skilled operational staff is essential to the effective performance of the system.

Reviewed 11/8/13