Administrative Guideline - 1240 Evaluation of the Superintendent Guideline

DELETED 6/6/08

Since the evaluation of the Superintendent should be a time to assess the progress of the Corporation toward the achievement of its goals, such an assessment should take place at a time of the year when the following conditions are most favorable to assure the intent of the Board's policy on evaluation can be fulfilled:

A.      There is adequate and reliable data on results-to-date so assessment and evaluation can focus on how well the Corporation is accomplishing its goals before assessing what is being done to accomplish them.

B.      Evaluations or progress assessments of programs as well as evaluations of key administrators have been completed so such data is available for reference by the Superintendent and Board during the evaluation process for the Superintendent.

C.      Sufficient time is available for each Board member to complete thoroughly the Superintendent's evaluation form.

D.      The Board uses this same evaluation time period to assess the effectiveness of each Board member as well as that of the Board as a whole.

E.       The summary and synthesized data compiled from the assessment of the Superintendent and the Board combined with the other evaluation data serves as reference information when considering the reasons for progress and/or lack of progress toward accomplishment of Corporation goals.

F.       The evaluation process is not considered to be finished until:

1.       Corporation goals and the strategies and actions being used to accomplish them have been reviewed and re-prioritized, and

2.       revisions have been made in light of what all of the evaluation data for that year has indicated should be changed and should be continued in order to improve accomplishment.