Administrative Guideline - 7510a Use of Facilities


REVISED 2/11/10


A.  CCS Facilities are available only to groups or organizations located in Clay Township or to those who have a majority of their membership or particpants residing in Clay Township. A personal residence is not accepted as a location for the organization.

Priority for use of facilities shall be as follows:

direct school-sponsored activities

e.g. classes, school clubs, extra-curricular
No rental fee.

No custodial fee.

joint school-sponsored activities

e.g. PTO, Band Boosters, school advisory groups,

alumni group, Dads’ Club
No rental fee.

No custodial fee unless use directly impacts custodial staff.

groups dealing directly with community youth

(as their first and foremost purpose)

e.g. Scouts, Carmel Clay Educational Foundation,

Campfire Girls, Little League, 4-H Clubs, Carmel Parks & Rec., Hamilton Co. YMCA
No rental fee unless admission charged.

Custodial fee charged after regular hours or if set up/tear down are required.*

local tax supported governmental agencies

e.g. policemen, firemen, etc.
No rental fee unless admission charged.

Custodial fee charged after regular hours or if set up/tear down are required.*

civic, service, religious, cultural, political,

e.g. Jaycees, League of Women Voters, Optimists,

Lions, Democrats, Republicans, Kiwanis, churches

and other community groups
Rental fee charged.

Custodial fee charged after regular hours or if set up/tear down are required.*
For profit local organizations such as businesses, merchants, sport organizations
e.g. Fitness by Design, Meijer, Runner’s Forum, Hylant Insurance Group, Clarian North
Rental fee charged.

Custodial fee charged after regular hours or if set up/tear down are required.*

*Most outside groups will be subject to custodial charges when meeting on Saturday or Sunday.

Political parties, which polled less than ten percent (10%) of the entire vote cast in the State of Indiana in the last general election, are not permitted to use the facilities.

The School Corporation does not anticipate use of school facilities on a regular basis by outside groups that traditionally own their own facilities but seek to use school facilities in lieu of constructing those facilities. Such groups would include, but not be limited to, service and fraternal organizations, fitness facilities and churches. Requests by such organizations to use school facilities for anything other than special events shall be subject to the following regulations:

A.     Use will be permitted on a temporary basis only for start-up purposes or in cases where the group’s facilities have been damaged or destroyed.

B.     Use will be permitted for only that period of time necessary to permit the group to build or repair their own facilities or no more than twelve (12) months, whichever is shorter. The group may request an extension to continue the use after the initial twelve (12) month period but that extension is subject to approval by the Board. In no case will a group be permitted to continue use for more than twenty-four (24) months.

C.     Before granting permission for initial use or for an extension, the Corporation may ask for evidence that the group is making progress towards the construction or repair of its own facilities such as building plans, financial arrangements and/or land acquisition. The absence of such evidence may serve as a basis for denying permission for the proposed use or an extension of an existing use.

A.     No school building may be used without the presence of a designated school employee.

B.     All permits are subject to the approval of the Board and may be cancelled at any time for any reason.

C.     All requests by Groups C, D, and E must be submitted on the approved form and submitted to the building principal ten (10) business days before the requested usage date.

D.     The school principal will determine the availability of the facility.

E.     The Assistant Superintendent for Business Affairs will approve or disapprove the application and determine the fees applicable.

F.     The original application will be retained in the Business Office. A copy will be mailed to the applicant, and a copy will be sent to the principal.

G.     All rental and custodial fees must be paid ten (10) days or receipt of invoice. Facilities will not be reserved until fees are paid.

H.     Holders of permits shall confine their use strictly to the specific area of the approved facility, and they will use no equipment or apparatus unless approved on the permit.

The user(s) must take out and maintain current throughout the term of this agreement a public risk insurance policy with a reputable insurer, having an AM Best rating of A- or better, in which (a) the school is indemnified in an amount not less than $2 million for any claims whatsoever (including injury to persons or damage to property) arising out of the use of the school premises by the user(s); (b) the school must be named as an Additional Insured under the policy; and (c) the policy or a certificate of insurance must be produced to the school upon application for the facilities. User(s) and the school agree that any insurance policies procured by user(s) that provide benefits or protection for the school shall be primary and that any policies procured by the school that might happen to provide protection or benefits to the school arising out of user(s) use of the school premises shall be excess. A Certificate of Liability must be provided.

In addition, the user(s) undertakes and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Carmel Clay Schools, Board of School Trustees, Board elected and appointed officials, administrators, principals, teachers and all other school employees, volunteers or representatives, and all persons and bodies corporate acting for or on behalf of them, against all liability, claims, demands, actions, suits, damages, proceedings, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) whatsoever (including injury to persons and damage to property) for which they may be or become liable directly or indirectly arising out of the use of school premises by the user(s) (or the servants, agents, or invitees of the user(s), and for such further sums in excess of those contained in any insurance policy procured by user(s) relating to the use of the school premises for such amounts as may not be payable under any such insurance.

Drinking, gambling, and the possession and/or use of harmful substances or objects on school property are specifically prohibited.

Responsibility for the care, repair, and/or replacement of all properties, as well as supervision, shall be that of the sponsoring organization.

The sponsoring organization shall provide all necessary supporting personnel, such as police, fire, medical, and parking attendants.

Equipment, musical instruments, and machines may not be moved nor used unless by authorized personnel. Use of special equipment, such as stage lighting, scenery, projectors, public address systems, organs, pianos, outdoor lighting, kitchen equipment, and bleachers will not be permitted unless operated by authorized personnel and previously approved on the permit.

A report of any personal injuries must be submitted to the principal by the person securing the permit twenty-four (24) hours after such injury.

An itemized list of any property damage must be submitted to the principal by the person securing the permit twenty-four (24) hours after any such damage.

The control, rights, and supervision of all concessions shall remain with the building principal unless otherwise specified.

No signs, displays, or other material may be located in and/or on school facilities unless so specified on the permit.

Food and/or drink shall not be taken into the media center, dressing rooms, auditorium, or the stage of the high school.

Failure to comply with the administrative guidelines will be sufficient reason to cancel future privileges.

All buildings shall be closed at 12 o'clock midnight except for special activities authorized by the building principal.

Areas designated for use by outside groups are public meeting rooms, cafeterias, gymnasiums, and LGI rooms. Classroom space is not considered public meeting area.

A.     Approval of the Supervisor of Food Service is required before the kitchen may be used.

B.     Whenever the kitchen is used, a representative of the Food Service Department must be present.

C.     All consumable supplies and materials must be provided by the sponsoring organization, with the exception of soap and detergent.

A.     Approval of the Auditorium Director is required before the auditorium or stage may be used.

B.     When using the auditorium or stage, a representative of the Performing Arts Department must be present.

C.     The Auditorium Director will be responsible for assisting all groups in setting up and operating any equipment used in the auditorium or stage.

D.     The Auditorium Director will be responsible for technical supervision of all events scheduled in the auditorium or stage.

A.     The "use of stage" is defined as use of curtains, area behind curtains, and use of stage equipment. The use of a podium with sound system "in front of the main stage curtain" does not meet this definition.

B.     The stage may not be used without the presence of the Auditorium Director.

C.     The Auditorium Director must be present at all times when the stage is in use including set up.

D.     The Auditorium Director will be responsible for all technical supervision for events on the stage.

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Revised 7/07
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