Administrative Guideline - 4200b Excused and Unexcused Absences

Students are expected to be present at all times when school is in session.

 A. Excused Absences

    1. prearranged absences, when request is submitted in writing by parents and/or legal guardians, and approved by the building principal

    2. personal illness

    3. death in the family

    4. unavoidable absence, if approved by the building principal

    5. medical and dental appointments

Such appointments are to be pre-arranged and if possible, written communication is to be received from the physician prior to student release from the school. Such statements should indicate the date and approximate time student will be gone from the school.

    6. government service

Service as a page for the Indiana General Assembly constitutes a lawful excuse for a student absence. Page service shall be verified by the secretary of the Senate or the chief clerk of the House of Representatives.

    7. election service

Secondary students will be excused to serve on precinct election boards or as helpers to a political candidate or political party on the date of each general, city, or town, special and primary at which the student works.

Parental and/or guardian permission for such services must be obtained, and the school must receive verification of election duties from proper officials.

 B. Unexcused Absences

Any unexcused absence from school may warrant truancy action.