Administrative Guideline - 3132 Withdrawal from School


Both State law and Board policy require that before a student sixteen to eighteen (16 to 18) may withdraw, the principal is to conduct an exit interview with the student and his/her parents. The principal shall be present at the meeting and should also arrange to have appropriate staff participate in the meeting.

It is the goal of this Corporation to make it possible for every student to obtain an education that meets his/her goals and long-term needs. It is essential, therefore, that prior to the exit interview, the principal and staff have analyzed the student's school and personal situation to ascertain what they think the reasons are for the student's wish to drop out of school.

During the interview, the principal shall provide the student and the student’s parent a copy of statistics compiled by the Department of Education concerning the likely consequences of life without a high school diploma. The principal shall also advise the student and his/her parent that the student’s withdrawal from school may prevent the student from receiving or result in the revocation of the student’s employment certificate and driver’s license or learner’s permit.

An acknowledgement/consent form should be completed and arrangements made for the students withdrawal using, to the extent possible, a similar procedure to that described below for a student transfer from the Corporation.

The following information is to be submitted to the Director of Student Services:

 A. the completed Consent/Acknowledgement Form

 B. date and school

 C. reasons for withdrawal

 D. verification of last address and anticipated address

 E. notification of the Bureau of Motor Vehicles and the Bureau of Child Labor, if appropriate

Should the situation be such that the student insists on withdrawing but the parents will not acquiesce, the student may not withdraw from school until s/he is eighteen (18) years of age.


Upon notification by the parent that a student is withdrawing from the Corporation, the school shall use a procedure that ensures the items on the appropriate Check-Out Forms are properly completed.

 A. A parent signs the necessary release forms and a copy is placed in the student's cumulative record.

 B. The student's name is taken off the class list, and a memo is sent to appropriate personnel notifying them of the withdrawal.

 C. The student's cumulative record is completed by teachers and counselors and sent to the school's Custodian of Records (COR).

 D. The COR arranges for the proper delivery a copy of the student's records to the receiving school as specified in Administrative Guideline 8330.

 E. In the case of a special education student, the Director of Special Education shall also be notified of the withdrawal, date of withdrawal, and the receiving school or agency.

 F. If the student withdraws when school is not in session, the building principal shall complete the process as soon as possible.

Revised 4/04

Revised 9/06

Revised 10/06