Administrative Guideline - 4110 Student Handbooks

The guidelines and procedures by which students are to function while attending school in the Corporation are to be contained in one (1) or more student handbooks. The principals at the secondary levels, working with each other and the Central Office are to develop appropriate handbooks which are consistent in content with relevant Board policies and with these guidelines. Each is to provide the following types of information and aids, as appropriate to the students' level:

A.      An initial section containing the purpose of the handbook.

B.      One (1) or more sections containing essential rules, procedures, and/or guidelines needed for students to function properly in the school environment so as to better accomplish their educational goals and the goals of the school. Such sections should include the following areas:

    1. Attendance

    2. Academics

    3. Co-curricular/Extra-curricular Activities

    4. Athletics

    5. Emergency procedures

For each section, there should be an explanation indicating how the rules, procedures, and/or guidelines contribute to the effective operation of the school.

C.      A section describing, in detail, the Code of Conduct. The Code should describe the behaviors, including dress and grooming, expected of the students on a day-to-day basis. It should also provide an explanation as to why those behaviors are important to the proper development of the student, the productive interactions among the people in the school, and the effective operation of the school.

The Code should also describe those behaviors that will not be tolerated and why they are unacceptable.

The section should also provide a description of the consequences and disciplinary actions up to and including expulsion for noncompliance with school rules and for unacceptable behavior. Included in this description must be a complete and accurate statement of the student's rights to due-process.

D.      A section describing the services that are available to students and their parents to help them accomplish their goals and function effectively in the school environment.

E.       One (1) or more references including a Table of Contents, an Index, if needed and feasible, and appendices when appropriate. Section or chapter headings should be clearly labeled.

Prior to the final publication and distribution of a handbook, the copy and proposed format are to be submitted to the Director of Student Services for final review and approval.