Administrative Guideline - 2120.04 Employment of Substitutes


No person can be employed as a substitute staff member without a valid certificate issued by the State Department of Education for the position in which the person is substituting.


The Director of Human Resources is responsible for maintaining a list of qualified substitutes for all teaching and related positions.

Interested persons are to complete an application form and return it to the Human Resources Office.

The investigation and interview procedures described in Administrative Guideline 3120A will be used, as applicable to the position.

Upon approval of the Director of Human Resources, substitutes' names will be placed on the official substitute list.


Each principal is to develop procedures which ensure each substitute has completed necessary forms; received appropriate instructions, plans, and other resources needed to function properly in the position and the building; and been observed early and regularly in the performance of his/her responsibilities.


A person will be considered a long-term substitute if s/he is appropriately certified and the staff member for whom s/he has been hired to replace has a leave which extends for more than a semester.