Administrative Guideline - 2111a Creating a Position

REVISED 7/21/08

The Board of Education has reserved the right, in its discretion, to create new positions and specify the number of professional staff members in each category. In compliance with that policy the Board has adopted the following guidelines for the creation of a Corporation position:

A.      Each position shall be preceded by the preparation of a job description for the new position.

B.      The title of the new position shall be the same as the title on the certificate required to hold that position wherever possible.

C.      Where the job title does not coincide with the certificate title, the job description will be sent to the Director of Human Resources for approval.

D.      Following approval, a determination will be made as to whether the new job falls within contract guidelines or is discretionary; salary will then be set for the position.

E.       The new position will be presented to the Board with a recommendation for adoption.