Policy - 0170.01 Controlled Substance and Alcohol Policy


In compliance with the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations (49 C.F.R. Part 382) concerning the alcohol and controlled substance testing program for employees with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), the School Board of the Carmel Clay Schools (the "School Corporation") adopts and will enforce this policy.

This policy encourages a view of alcoholism and other drug dependencies as behavioral/medical problems which can be treated while recognizing the adverse effects of alcohol or other drug use on employee’s performance, health, and safety and the safety of students. Drivers are expected and are required to be in suitable mental and physical condition to perform their responsibilities satisfactorily, efficiently, and safely. A driver whose use of alcohol and other drugs interferes with such expectations will be subject to termination. Employees who are required to hold a CDL to perform their job functions for the School Corporation are prohibited from:

A.      the use, possession, sale, purchase, or transfer of unauthorized or illegal drugs or substances, or the abuse or misuse of legal drugs on school property, while on school business, or while operating school vehicles or equipment;

B.      drinking alcoholic beverages during work hours (including breaks during those hours);

C.      off-duty use of drugs and alcohol to the extent it affects a driver's attendance or performance and his/her ability to pass required DOT alcohol and controlled substance tests.

Any violation of these prohibitions will result in termination of employment. Violation of the prohibitions may also result in criminal prosecution.

All employees required to have CDL will be subject to alcohol and substance abuse (drug) testing pursuant to the Testing Policy adopted by the School Corporation at the same time this policy is adopted. Refusal to submit to a test under the Testing Policy will be treated as a positive test result for purposes of this policy.

The School Corporation may offer the driver (at the driver's expense) the opportunity to receive appropriate treatment for any controlled substance or alcohol-related violation of this policy. Satisfactory completion of such treatment will not entitle the driver to return to employment with the School Corporation.

Because use of over-the-counter and prescription drugs can affect behavior and performance, drivers should advise their supervisor whenever they are taking such drugs. When the use of such drugs adversely affects job performance or safety, it is in the best interest of the driver, co-workers, students, and the School Corporation that the drivers not perform safety-sensitive functions until the use and effect of such drugs has ceased.

Any information concerning a driver's drug or alcohol abuse will be available only to members of administration whom the School Corporation believes should be aware of this information. Unless otherwise required by law, this information will not be disclosed by the School Corporation to any other employer, organization, or individual without the driver's written consent.

REVIEWED 08/29/14