Policy - 5431 Interscholastic Athletics

The School Board recognizes the value of a program of interscholastic athletics for as many students as feasible.

The program of interscholastic athletics should provide students the opportunity to exercise and test their athletic abilities in a context greater and more varied than that which can be offered by a school or the School Corporation alone.

The program should foster the growth of school loyalty with the student body as a whole and stimulate community interest in athletics.

Game activities and practice sessions should provide many opportunities to teach the values of competition and good sportsmanship.

The Board subscribes to the administrative guidelines of the Indiana High School Athletic Association but maintains responsibility for enforcement of all rules. The Board believes that it is the purpose of an interscholastic program to provide the benefits of an athletic experience to as large a number of students as feasible within the Corporation.

The Superintendent shall develop appropriate administrative guidelines, which are included in all athletic handbooks, for the operation of the Athletic Program and a Code of Conduct for those who participate. Such guidelines should provide for the following safeguards:

A.      Prior to enrolling in the sport, each participant shall submit to a thorough physical examination by a licensed physician and/or parents shall report any past or current health problems along with a physician's statement that any such problems have or are being treated and pose no threat to the student's participation.

B.      Any student who is found to have a life-threatening health condition such as a heart defect, respiratory dysfunctions, and the like, shall be denied participation in all athletic activity unless authorized in writing by the student's physician and parents.

C.      Any student who incurs an injury requiring a physician's care is to have the written approval of a physician prior to the student's return to participation.

D.      The Superintendent is also to develop guidelines (included in all athletic handbooks) for ensuring that sportsmanship, ethics, and integrity characterize the manner in which the athletic program is conducted and the actions of students who participate. Such guidelines should include criteria for judging these important qualities as well as procedures by which these values will be communicated to students, parents, and supporters. The behavior of each of these groups will be monitored to ensure their behavior reflects high standards.

I.C. 20-26-5.4, 20-26-14-5, 20-30-15-6,7,8


REVIEWED 10/15/15
REVISED 3/28/94

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