Policy - 9160 Public Attendance at School Events


Policy - 9160 Public Attendance at School Events


The Carmel Clay School Board welcomes the attendance of members of the community at athletic and other public events held by the schools in the Corporation, but the Board also acknowledges its duty to maintain order and preserve the facilities of the Corporation during the conduct of such events.   The Board holds the legal authority to bar the attendance of or remove any person whose conduct may constitute a disruption at a school event. School administrators have the authority to call law enforcement officials if a person violates posted regulations or does not leave school property when requested. They are also authorized to use detectors and other devices to better ensure the safety and well-being of participants and visitors. If a student or adult is asked to leave or is removed from a school event, no admission fees shall be refunded.

Any person whose conduct constitutes disruption of a school event may be prohibited by school administrators from being on school property or at future school events for a reasonable period of time. A person prohibited from future events may appeal the prohibition to the school principal if the ban was imposed by the athletic director or to the superintendent if the ban was imposed by a building administrator.

Alcohol Policy The Board directs that alcoholic beverages be prohibited at any function that is held on school property, or that has students in attendance and is sponsored by the Corporation.

Service Dogs   Service Dogs used by persons requiring this type of assistance shall be permitted in all Corporation facilities and at all school events. The person may be asked to provide evidence of the dog's certification for that purpose.

Audio Visual Devices The Board is aware of the increasing desire of many parents and other members of an audience to make audio and/or video recordings of school events. Such recordings can be made by parents or other members of the audience without restriction if the performance is not of copyrighted material. However, if the performance is of copyrighted material, recording can be made if the appropriate license authorizing such recordings has been secured in advance by the Corporation. If the performance is of copyrighted material and the necessary license has not been secured in advance by the Corporation, the audience shall be advised before the performance begins that audio and/or video recordings that will be re-broadcast or distributed in any way, such as posting on the internet, are prohibited.   The Superintendent shall establish rules and procedures governing the use of non-Corporation audio/visual devices and equipment at any Corporation-sponsored event or activity, particularly athletic events, dramatic presentations, and graduation ceremonies. Such rules are to be posted or distributed in such a manner that best ensures cooperation and compliance in obtaining recordings that do not delay or disrupt the activity.

Any person or organization that wishes to film students or school activities which are not public events must receive prior permission from the Superintendent.

Ticket Policy For any school-related activity at which tickets for admission are sold, the Superintendent shall establish administrative guidelines for the allocation of tickets.

Reviewed 5/14/15

Revised 8/23/11

Revised 1/12/09
Revised 7/23/2018

I.C. 20-26-8-1, 20-26-5-5