Administrative Guideline - 9160 Public Attendance

Last Revised on May 2, 2013

The following regulations are to be observed with respect to the conduct of school events:

A.     All laws regarding public assemblies must be strictly complied with. Use of tobacco in any place of public assembly on any school grounds is absolutely prohibited. The sale, possession, or consumption of any form of alcoholic beverages or prohibited drugs, in or on any part of the school buildings or grounds, is absolutely prohibited.

B.     Gambling on school property is not permitted but participation in raffles and other such forms of fund-raising for school-related events is permissible, if the event is authorized by the principal.

Use of Recording Devices

Anyone attending a school event who wishes to record the activity on a visual recording device shall be asked to abide by the following rules:

A.     The recorder must operate the device within the area designated by the principal or director of the activity.

B.     The camera must not block the view of any other attendees nor interfere with others who seek to record the activity.

C.     Those who record or assist a recorder must not block any passageways nor interfere with any other attendee's participation or observation of the activity.

D.     If sound is also being recorded, the recorder must not ask other attendees to be quiet or to change their behavior in order to improve the quality of the sound recording.

E.     The recorder must agree to abide by all Corporation safety rules, a copy of which shall be provided by the principal or director of the activity.

F.     If the Corporation is recording the activity, the principal may arrange for a person to obtain a copy providing s/he agrees to pay a charge to cover the costs of transfer.


Where the Corporation does not possess the appropriate license or permission to allow the recording of a copyrighted work or performance, notice will be given, when possible prior to the exhibit or performance. Announcements shall be made at the beginning of any such exhibit or performance.

Allocation of Tickets

Tickets for sale at any school-related activity may be allocated, with the prior permission of the Principal, by the Athletic Director, Department Chair, or teacher who is responsible for planning, scheduling, holding, and supervising the activity.  This allocation will occur in order to promote the best interests of the school corporation.