Administrative Guideline - 9150 School Visitors

In order to protect the educational program of the schools from undue disturbance, each principal shall establish rules and procedures for visitors which shall include the following:

A.     Persons wishing to visit one or more schools are to make arrangements in advance through the school office of each school to be visited.

B.     Every visitor to a school must register at the school office. Sign-in lists showing name, time, person visiting, and time departing shall be maintained by the office. Any person who does not register with the school office is on school property illegally and should be asked to identify himself/herself properly or to leave the school grounds. If the visitor refuses to leave the school grounds or creates any disturbance, the building principal should request aid from the local law enforcement agency.

C.     No visitor may see a student in school unless it is with the specific approval of the principal. If an emergency situation requires that a student be called to the office to meet with a visitor, a member of the administrative staff must be present during the conference. A student is never to be permitted to leave the school with anyone who is not clearly identified as his/her parent or an appropriately authorized person.

D.     Students may not bring guests to school unless permission to do so has been granted by the principal.

E.     No staff member is to transact business with a visitor who has not duly registered at the school office and received authorization to be present for the purpose of conducting business.

If a disabled person should visit a school and request accommodation the principal should ask the person to allow the school adequate time to arrange for the accommodation, providing such accommodation meets the requirements of ADA.