Administrative Guideline - 8800b Patriotism

It shall be the duty of all the school administrators and teachers to promote respect and allegiance to our country by:

A.     teaching and then performing regularly with the students the "Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America";

B.     teaching the students to sing, and the band and orchestra groups to play, "The Star Spangled Banner" which may be performed at assemblies and programs whenever appropriate;

C.     teaching students other songs and musical selections which promote an attitude of respect, loyalty, and pride in our country;

D.     displaying the U.S. Flag from the school flag staff during school hours except in inclement weather in which cases the Flag shall be prominently displayed within each building;

E.     displaying the U.S. Flag in each cafeteria/multi-use room and auditorium within the Corporation.

Students whose religious convictions dictate that they may not perform or sing our national anthem or give the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag shall not be forced to do so. However, they shall be expected to conduct themselves respectfully in recognition of those who are taking part in either of the above ceremonies and in all other ways demonstrate respect to our flag and to our national anthem.