Administrative Guideline - 8442a Employee Accidents

REVISED 8/23/99

Procedure in the event of serious or major injury to an employee shall be as follows:

A.     In all cases where an accident falls under provisions of the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Fund, the injured employee shall report to the designated school person who will contact the Administrative Assistant Benefits Specialist. If the employee is on school business and an accident occurs outside Clay Township, it is permissible in such an emergency for the employee to avail himself/herself of the services of a physician.

B.     All employee accidents must be reported to the Administrative Assistant Benefits Specialist within seven (7) days. School nurses and secretaries shall retain necessary report forms.

C.     Employees shall fill out the blank form supplied by the Compensation Insurance Fund and all questions must be carefully answered. The completed form shall be signed by the Administrative Assistant Benefits Specialist.

An employee whose pay is interrupted because of injury or occupational disease is eligible to receive compensation according to benefits provided by the Workers' Compensation Insurance Law of the State of Indiana.