Administrative Guideline - 8360 Use of School Mail-Delivery System

In order to be in compliance with Federal postal regulations, it is necessary to establish the following guidelines regarding the use of the Corporation's "in-house" mail-distribution system.

These items may be distributed through the system without special permission:

A.     copies of official documents or records of the Corporation

B.     communications between the central office and each building and/or each administrator

C.     communications among staff members that are directly related to an authorized curricular, extra-curricular, or incidental program or activity of the Corporation

D.     communications from Board-recognized outside organizations which are directly related to the Corporation providing the communication is related to a sponsored school activity

E.     any incidental correspondence which is directly related to one (1) or more approved activities

Any staff member or student who wishes to distribute materials through the mail-distribution system must receive permission from the Director of Information Services.

The Post Office does not allow use of the internal delivery system for unofficial purposes in order to avoid the payment of postage. Therefore, permission will not be granted for communications unrelated to authorized programs and activities of the Corporation.

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