Administrative Guideline - 8320 Personnel Records

REVISED 7/21/08

Certain information concerning Corporation employees is confidential, to be reviewed on a need-to-know basis and only under conditions which guarantee protection of both management's right to access information and the employee's right to unnecessary invasion of privacy. Most information in the personnel files, however, is not confidential and is available for inspection in accordance with State law.

Initial Employment

Upon employment, each employee is to submit for the:

A. Personnel File

    1. Personal Data Sheet

    2. W-4 Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate

    3. WH-4 Employee’s Withholding Exemption and County Status

    4. Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9 Form)

    5. Request for Automatic Deposit of Salary Form and a voided check

    6. Indiana State Teacher’s Retirement Fund Enrollment Form

    7. Catastrophic Illness Leave Bank Enrollment Form

    8. Teacher Data Record Sheet – Experience Record

    9. Pay Period Election Form 457B

    10. Signed Student Welfare Policy 3213

    11. Signed Corporal Punishment Policy 5630

    12. Signed Drug-Free Workplace Policy 3122.01

    13. Network User Agreement

    14. Full Criminal History Background Check w/Safe Hiring Solutions Money Order or Cashiers Check made out to Carmel Clay Schools

    15. Copy of Driver’s License

    16. Copy of Birth Certificate/Social Security Card

    17. Official copy of College Transcript (Must be original)

    18. Copy of Teaching License or Certificate (if therapist)

    19. CPR Verification of Training

    20. Highly Qualified Checklist

B. Payroll File

    1. W-4 forms

    2. retirement registration

    3. completed forms for life and disability insurance without the medical examination portion

    4. completed annuity forms

    5. payroll deduction authorization

    6. Salary Reduction Form 457(b)

 C. Confidential File

    1. applications for health insurance

    2. record of a recent physical examination

    3. history of any medical treatment

Professional staff members shall also be responsible upon employment, for providing a complete transcript of their education and records of all prior teaching experience.


 A. complete educational records, commonly found on a transcript, and an evaluation of credits;

 B. all credits received subsequent to employment with the Corporation;

 C. degrees earned and dates awarded;

 D. educational experience prior to entering the Corporation, including both military and teaching experience and verification thereof;

 E. teaching certificate data: number, type, date issued, date registered, and expiration date;

 F. all administrative credentials showing type, date earned, and institution from which credentials were granted;

 G. all health records;

 H. complete record of professional staff member's salary for each year of employment in the Corporation and positions held therein;

 I. performance evaluation reports, whenever they occur, from superiors, peers, subordinates and/or students;

 J. letters, testimonials, press clippings, or other documents originating in the community which bear upon the professional staff member's performance and competence both as a professional staff member and as a participating member of the community;

 K. a list of speeches delivered, articles or books published, or other evidence of the professional staff member's professional development;

All of this data shall be kept current and it shall be the responsibility of the professional staff member to record changes with the personnel department relative to certificates, experience, marital status, college credits, and addresses.

All information concerning employees' health status, including mental or physical examinations and treatments are to be kept in a confidential file. Access is limited to the employee, the employee's supervisor, the Superintendent and other central office administrators who have a supervisory relationship to the employee, and others authorized by law.

Employees who wish to review their own personnel file shall:

 A. review the record in the presence of the administrator designated to maintain said records or designee;

 B. make no alterations or additions to the record nor remove any material therefrom;

 C. sign and date a log attached to the file.

Employees wishing to appeal material, excluding formal evaluations, in their record shall make a request in writing to Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources and specify therein:

 A. name and date;

 B. materials to be appealed;

 C. reason for appeal.

The Director of Human Resources shall hear the appeal and make a determination within ninety (90) days of the appeal in accordance with law.

The Director of Human Resources shall maintain a written record of any persons other then the employee who have had access to each employee's file.

Although most information in personnel files is a matter of public record, only verification of employment should be provided by telephone request. Any other information about an employee should be requested in writing or in person, and addressed to the Corporation Records Officer (CRO).