Administrative Guideline - 8210 Official School Calendars

Last Revised on May 14, 2012

It shall be Corporation policy to prepare school calendars with the involvement of various groups and individuals, for example, officially recognized teacher representatives, representatives of all PTOs, administrators, and other appropriate employees.

As a convenience to local patrons, calendars shall be annually approved by the Board at the earliest possible date. Every effort shall be made to assure stability needed for effective and efficient operation.

Items receiving careful consideration in the development of each school calendar shall include:

A.     compliance with State law and directives;

B.     utilization of school resources and comparative cost data;

C.     effect upon student development in all areas;

D.     improvement of student, parent, and staff relations with the school;

E.     effective internal scheduling to accommodate both staff and students;

F.     coordination with surrounding schools;

G.     coordination with college schedules for teachers enrolled in summer sessions;

H.     consideration of external demands such as family vacations, extra school activities, community events, etc.;

I.     Board policy and philosophy.