Administrative Guideline - 4820 Student Government

School Board Policy 5820 authorizes and encourages the formation of student government organizations subject to the following guidelines:

A.      The organization, operation, and scope of the student government body shall be defined in a written constitution developed through effective student participation with selected school advisors, and approved by the principal.

B.      Student government organizations shall function with respect to the provisions of their constitution and bylaws.

C.      The principal shall ensure that all students have the right to vote and hold office in their student government organization.

D.      The decisions of the student government organization shall not be influenced by the faculty and administration but should be subject to review by the principal to assure compliance with the purpose of the student organization.

E.       The student government organization shall be responsive to the needs and interests of all students, and shall conduct open meetings to assure maximum involvement of all students.

F.       Students shall have the right to and should be encouraged to recommend guidelines for their own conduct.