Administrative Guideline - 4610c Student, Teacher, and Administrator Rights and Duties

Revised 1/30/09


The student has a right to develop his/her abilities to the fullest, to be respected as an individual, to expect rules to be reasonable and consistently applied and to receive the benefits of all school services. S/He is responsible for knowing and complying with school rules, for respecting and submitting to the authority of the school staff and for being diligent in his/her studies.

The teacher has a right to obedience and, failing to get it, to take any of several corrective measures (including imposing detention, revoking privileges, and referring students to administrators or school counselors). The decision to remove a student from a classroom must be made by an administrator.  The teacher may not remove a student from their classroom without administrative permission.  The teacher has a right to be consulted in any referral case, and to receive a report of any action taken. The teacher's responsibilities include conducting a well planned and effective classroom program; establishing and enforcing classroom regulations that will facilitate learning; maintaining written records of the conduct of potential referral cases.

The administrator has a right to impose detention on a student to deny school privileges, to remove a student from class, to suspend him/her, to enlist parental support, and to recommend expulsion. S/He is responsible for maintaining discipline; for being alert to and correcting situations likely to promote poor citizenship; for notifying parents of serious student offenses; and for suspending students when necessary.