Administrative Guideline - 4513 Care of School Property

REVISED 7/28/05

The following guidelines shall be followed to ensure proper implementation of Board policy.

A.      Furniture and Equipment

     1.       Furniture or equipment is not to be moved from its assigned building without the permission of the principal.

     2.       Students shall operate school equipment only when authorized by the principal or supervising staff member and only if the student has been properly trained in both the operating and safety procedures associated with the equipment.

B.      Personal Property

From time to time students and teachers use personal equipment to enrich the educational program. Use of personal equipment must be approved in writing, by the building principal. The Corporation is not responsible and cannot obtain insurance to cover such property. All such equipment shall be inspected to ensure its safety for classroom use.

C.      Textbooks

Appropriate personnel shall keep a written account of all textbooks issued to students. The accounting shall include the following:

     1.       name and number of book

     2.       condition

     3.       student's name

When textbooks are returned at the end of the school year, they shall be checked against the record.

Parents and adult students shall be liable for any damages to or loss of school property caused by the student.