Administrative Guideline - 4500b Bus Behavior

When riding school buses, the behavior expected of students will be the same type of behavior which is expected in a normal classroom situation.

Safety demands that bus conditions allow the bus driver to hear whistles and sirens while remaining alert to other emergency situations, and rules and regulations, as approved by the Superintendent, will be in effect.

When a classroom teacher is on the bus, such teacher is in charge of student behavior. In the absence of a classroom teacher, the bus driver is responsible for student behavior.

Each student riding the bus is expected to adhere to the following rules:

A.      obey the bus driver who is responsible for the safety of all passengers

B.      do not disturb the bus driver when s/he is driving

C.      remain in seat, and do not change seat while bus is moving

D.      keep voice low and do not shout or whistle

E.      refrain from rough housing, pushing, fighting, or throwing items

F.      treat bus equipment as if it is valuable home furniture

G.      enter or leave the bus in an orderly manner when it has come to a full stop and when the driver opens the door

H.      do not open or close bus windows without the driver's permission

I.      keep all parts of the body inside the bus

J.     be at the bus stop on time but not too early

Both parents and students are responsible for conduct at the bus stop, from home to bus stop, and from bus stop to home.

Students who consistently misbehave will be refused transportation until the parent and child agree to abide with the rules. The teacher in charge and/or the bus driver will report incidents of misbehavior to the principal or other designated staff member.

No student will be removed from the bus or refused transportation before the principal or other designated staff member has approved same and has notified the parent and/or guardian.

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