Administrative Guideline - 4410 Student Classification

Revised 9/19/08


Promotion or retention of students stem from the total development of the individual child related to the educational program.


General overall scholastic achievement should have prime influence in determining retention and/or promotion of the individual child.


No child should be exposed to the threat of retention as a disciplinary measure.


Parents of any child doing unacceptable work which may place the child’s promotion in jeopardy are to be notified well in advance of any actual decision regarding promotion or retention of the child.


Parent-teacher conferences must be held whenever retention of a child is being considered.  No retention should be consummated without a parent-teacher conference.


The school principal has the legal responsibility for student classification, and students may be reclassified when, in the best professional judgment of the principal, it becomes necessary or advisable.


The decision regarding matters of promotion and/or retention for any child rests upon the building principal, with appeal possible to the Superintendent.