Administrative Guideline - 4340a Accidents

REVISED 8/23/99

Written reports of all serious accidents must be prepared as soon as possible after such accident. Said reports should also include accidents occurring before and after school, on school grounds, and on the way to and from school, and shall be completed on the form provided.

Extremely serious accidents, which might prove fatal, must be reported to the Superintendent at the earliest possible moment.

All matters concerning the responsibility for an accident should be referred to the Superintendent, or his/her agent. All statements for the public media shall come from the Superintendent's office.

Should an accident involve equipment or apparatus with reference to its position or condition, such equipment or apparatus shall not be moved, repaired, or used, until instructions are received from the Superintendent.

In case of a major accident to the student, the procedures to be followed will include the following:

 A. The school nurse shall be called.

 B. The parent shall be called and allowed to determine what is to be done.

 C. Such first aid as may be indicated shall be administered by the responsible party.

 D. If the parent cannot be reached, call 911.

 E. If the parent cannot be reached and the emergency unit assumes charge of the case, the parent shall be notified of this fact at the earliest possible moment.

 F. The nurse or the principal, or a representative designated by the building principal, shall accompany the student to the hospital or to his/her home, or to the office of a physician, if the parent cannot be reached.

 G. The accident should be reported to the Superintendent.

Injured students who are permitted to go home must always be accompanied by the principal, teacher, parent, or parental representative.