Administrative Guideline - 4120 Assignment within the Corporation


The following guidelines shall be followed in assigning students to schools, classes, and grades. All inquiries regarding elementary and secondary school boundaries are to be directed to the appropriate directors.

 A. School Assignment/Transfer

    1. Fundamentally, student assignment to a school shall be determined by attendance areas. Such areas will be adjusted to balance class size and to maintain teacher-student ratios.

    2. When feasible, children in the same family will be assigned to the same school, but children may be assigned to different schools when they live in a divided area or an overloaded area.

    3. When families relocate from one neighborhood to another within the Corporation during the school year, the children affected may continue their education at their original school if parents provide transportation to/from school.

Such determinations will be made individually by the building principals of the schools involvedd, with an opportunity for appeal through the Superintendent.

 B. Class and Grade Assignment/Transfer

    1. Assignments to class and grade shall be made by the principal after consultation with relevant staff.

    2. Placement will be based on several factors including the intellectual, physical, social, and emotional development of the student as revealed by the use of available data and observations of the staff.

The following procedures shall be followed in a transfer of a student between schools or within a school:

    1. A written request shall be made to the principal by a professional staff member. Transfer requests may also be initiated by the principal.

    2. After consultation with the appropriate personnel, a determination regarding the validity of the request shall be made by the principal.

Revised 11/20/2017